Silver Creek Mint

Silver Creek Mint is a small private mint located in Southern Idaho. We have been offering beautiful custom commemorative coins in both precious and non-precious metals since 1993. We custom mint coins and concho-style keyfobs to commemorate your special event and set your organization apart from the rest. Please contact us with questions regarding your custom minting needs.


How a commemorative is made.

Commemorative coins are available in both 2-D and 3-D based on your design.
2-D artwork means the surfaces on the finished coin are fixed, meaning only a high and a low as shown here. Two dimensional artwork takes less labor to create the coining die, therefore 2-D designs are the most affordable choice.

3-D artwork means the surfaces on the finished coin are not fixed, but show the highs, lows and all the in-betweens as shown here.

If the artwork is three dimensional, the design is first drawn up, then hand sculpted by an artist into clay.

A negative image of the sculpture is made in epoxy and used to engrave the design into a coining die. This coining die is heat treated, tempered and polished to withstand approximately 180 tons of pressure. It takes two dies to strike up a commemorative coin.

The same coining die for a commemorative coin can be used to make custom keyfobs.